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Brief History
Insomniacs was formed in mid 2009 by a core group of 10 disillusioned members of a dying casual leveling guild. Our aim was to have some fun in battlegrounds, do some leveling together and help each other out. Add some green chat, some manic recruiting (thanks bob :) and before we knew it we'd grown to a membership of over 100 just a short couple of months later.

Some of the original 10 remain (bows to Boburuncle, Annietime, Calev), Some have since retired (tips hat to Zarrtig, Neurotoxin & Galinda). We have members who have been with us for a long time, others who have just joined. We have members who have joined and quickly become valuable sleepless insomniacs (salutes Tholassian, Arangaar, Chaoseater & Joharsher).

We have members who have freaked out and left, as well as members who have been booted out for various reasons. In general, the members who remain are mature, social and slightly ultruistic. They have little time for histrionics, e-drama, underhandedness and posturing. We have the latest bullshit plugin installed. Here are the guild's guiding principles:

-  Give before you take
-  If you need help, ask. You might be surprised.
-  Respect other members. This is more-or-less fundamental.
-  Don't act or talk like an arsehat. We really hate that and it has been known to result in instant guild expulsion.
-  Don't beg for gold on guild chat. Learn a trade, sell stuff. It's not hard. A trade also makes you more useful as a guild member.
-  Don't fill the guild vault up with your junk. Before you deposit stuff in the guild vault ask yourself the question "Is this likely to be useful to someone? If the answer's no, take it to a vendor. As a guide blue or purple gear, profession mats and buffs are useful. The green mail stamina bracers and fluffy tail that dropped in Borean Tundra are not. Disenchant or vendor please.
-  Don't rage or harass other members. This can result in immediate guild expulsion.
-  Mutually beneficial members are rewarded. Terms are negotiable.
-  Use the guild calendar. The calendar is open to all members and levels. Use it to organise instances, raids, battlegrounds or afternoon tea.
-  Don't ask to be promoted to Officer rank. It's a waste of everybody's time. We know who you are.
Welcome to the new Insomniacs website!

This is our new home. The old site was ugly, clunky to administer and died the death of a thousand cuts.
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raiding addons

chaoseateroi!, Jul 26, 10 6:53 AM.
For those that wish to be raiding

to make the whole "learning to raid" thing a little easier, it is suggested that we have a quick and easy way to look up co-ordinate to exterminate bosses in the event we get further than ever! it has happened where we get to a boss and go.. er.. *wipe....

so, on that note, if you do not use add-ons, some that would help, and not take up all too much space are: (hyperlinks for curse and vent)

First, is the curse client- to organise these mods (and any more you wish to use, gearscore is a handy one) does not do much memory wise, but makes organising add-ons immeasurably easier. install the curse client, look up each mod through it and install.. play wow, done.

DBM- deadly boss mods, gives you timers for boss' cast times and cooldowns, also warnings on type of special attack. (note: perhaps not necessary as i am testing an add-on to auto use raid warning attached to DBM)

Omen- a threat meter in case you find yourself pulling aggro, not necessary, but can be handy once you get geared.

Bosstactics (and its WOTLK pack) for fast and easy in game lookups and co-ordination of well.. boss tactics, positions and abilities. (highly recommended as it works best if everyone has it)

Ventrillo- last, but by far least so that you can at least hear if there is any last second warnings, or, when not raiding, have a chat with your fellow guildies. the log in details are in the guild details in-game, and should be on this site somewhere.

Feel free to customise and tweak your game, however if you can, please try to grab these add-ons to make things smoother, if not, then you are still welcome to raid and have fun, just shall have to take a tad longer. :P

Above all, HAVE FUN!! *Chaos

The Insomniacs - Open 24/7

sandaha, Jun 8, 10 8:38 AM.
Welcome to the home of the The Insomniacs. We are a rading/leveling/social guild on the Thaurissan realm on the Bloodlust battlegroup.
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